Our Purpose

To promote the general welfare of all developmentally and intellectually disabled persons. To foster the development of programs in their behalf. To encourage research related to developmental and intellectual disabilities. To advise and aid parents and to coordinate their efforts and activities. To develop a better public understanding of the problems of the developmentally and intellectually disabled. To cooperate with all public and private groups, agencies or organizations in the furtherance of these ends. To associate with and support financially the State and National components of the Arc to promote the common cause. To serve locally as a clearing house for information on developmental and intellectual disabilities and their associated problems. To solicit funds for the accomplishment of the above purposes.

Our Story

The Arc of Decatur County was started in 1967

Meet the 2021 board of Directors

Teresa Hooten


P: 812-593-4379
E: thooten2@etczone.com

Bryan Collins


P: 513-520-7622
E: Mcbryanhc@gmail.com

Sharon Crites

Vice President

P: 812-663-2206
E: dcrites@etczone.com

Jill Hensley


P: 765-639-5625
E: Jillhensley6068@gmail.com

Cathy Bryant


P: 513-544-7700
E: lksantee@etczone.com

Todd Weatherwax

Board member

P: 812-614-9999
E: tweatherwax@rbskpartners.com

Cathy Wickersham

Board members

P: 765-561-7033
E: mcwick55@gmail.com

Amy Stier

Board members

P: 812-617-2455
E: a.stier@dasikids.com

Alyson Bridges

Board members

P: 765-561-3207
E: alysonbridges1983@gmail.com

Jenny Maddux

Board member

P: 812-614-2312
E: jemaddux@yamil.com

Dale Crites

Emirati Advisors

P: 812-663-2206
E: dcrites@etczone.com

Lynda Smith

Emirati Advisors

P: 812-663-2139
E: lyndasmith@etczone.com

Next Steps…

If you have interest or questions, please contact Teresa Hooten, County Coordinator